The Days of My Life pdf free download


The Days of My Life pdf free download. There were no
hedgerows to skirt the path on which I was, and I saw nothing between me and
the sky, save a solitary figure stalking along the highway, and in the other
direction the clump of trees which surrounded Cottiswoode; the sky, in the
west, was still full of the colors of the sunset, and from the horizon it rose
upward in a multitude of tints and shades, the orange and red melting into a
rosy flush which contrasted for a while, and then fell into the sweet, calm,
peaceful tone of the full blue. In the time of the year, and the look of the night,
there was alike that indescribable composure and satisfaction which are in the
sunny evenings after harvest; the work was done, the day was fading,
everything was going home; the rooks sailed over the sky, and the laborer
trudged across the moor. Labor was over, and provision made, and the evening
and the night, peace and refreshment, and rest were coming for every man. I
do not suppose I noticed this at the time, but I have the strongest impression of
it all in my remembrance now.

The Days of My Life pdf free download

The Days of My Life pdf free download
The Days of My Life pdf free download

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