Magic And Religion pdf free download


Magic And Religion pdf free download. We all know what we mean by science; science is ‘organised common sense.’
Her aim is the acquisition of reasoned and orderly knowledge. Presented with
a collection of verified facts, it is the part of science to reduce them to order,
and to account for their existence in accordance with her recognised theory of
things. If the facts cannot be fitted into the theory, it must be expanded or
altered; for we must admit that, if the facts are verified, there is need for
change and expansion in the theory. The ‘colligation’ of facts demands
hypotheses, and these may not, at the moment of their construction, be
verifiable. The deflections of a planet from its apparently normal course may
be accounted for by the hypothesis of the attraction of another heavenly body
not yet discovered. The hypothesis is legitimate, for such bodies are known to
exist, and to produce such effects.

Magic And Religion pdf free download

Magic And Religion pdf free download
Magic And Religion pdf free download

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