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BooksFree is something special. It is like a virtual library or a public park. It is a place where you can find all kinds of books, is to learn, to share our knowledge with others for no cost since 2016. However we are trying to get more books and update the website daily, we wish to keep thriving for years to come, to preserve free, accessible knowledge to our users, and even expand to be able to provide for those beyond the scope of the interweb. In this case, we are asking for your help. A donation of any size would help Booksfree to reach goals that will help more than just its users. As we wish to continue growing Booksfree, we hope you accept our request. We appreciate you, regardless of your situation to help, and will continue providing current services as is.
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The other top websites have thousands of employees. We have 3 staff to support a wide variety of projects, making your donation a great investment in a highly-efficient not-for-profit organization.