Problem Drinkers pdf free download


Problem Drinkers pdf free download. Three major research areas greatly influenced the formulation of the treatment approach for alcohol problems described in this guidebook for
clinical practitioners. In the late 1970s treatment trials began to be published that reported beneficial effects from very limited interventions, the best known of which was a study by Edwards and his colleagues (Edwards, Orford, et al., 1977). These researchers found that a single session of advice/counseling was associated with treatment outcomes comparable to
those associated with intensive treatment (see Chapters 1 and 2). The second influential area of research was a growing literature on natural recoveries from alcohol problems (e.g., Tuchfeld, 1981). It was becoming clear that many individuals were able to overcome their alcohol problems on their own.

Problem Drinkers pdf free download

Problem Drinkers pdf free download
Problem Drinkers pdf free download

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