Play Therapy pdf free download


Play Therapy pdf free download. Play may be employed in analytically oriented child psychotherapy as a specific therapeutic technique. Play therapy, a useful tool at the disposal of every child therapist, is based on the fact that play is the child’s natural medium of selfexpression. It is the therapist’s window into the child’s fantasies, thoughts, and feelings. Also, as Erikson (1972) observed, play is the child’s method of thinking through difficult experiences and employing a setting in which to resolve them. Play Therapy is no longer exclusively employed in child psychoanalysis; rather, it is utilized by therapists with diverse theoretical backgrounds. Regardless of orientation, the therapist can make use of Play Therapy to aid the child in: 1) expression of fantasy and imagination; 2) release of energy and agression; 3) opportunity for social learning; 4) opportunity for creative
activity; and 5) acquisition of physical skills.

Play Therapy pdf free download

Play Therapy pdf free download
Play Therapy pdf free download

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