International Wrestling Rules pdf free download


International Wrestling Rules pdf free download. The central circle indicates the middle of the mat (1m of diameter). The inside part of the mat which is inside the orange circle is the central surface of wrestling (7m of diameter). The passivity zone (orange strip) is 1m wide. The protection area is 1m50 wide. For all Olympic Games, World and Continental Championships, the mat shall be installed on a platform not higher than 1m10 or lower than 0m80. The platform around each side of the mat must reach 2 meters. If more than one mat is used, 2 meters should separate each mat. In all cases, the color of the protected area will have to be different from the one of the mat. The wooden floor near the mat will have to be covered with a strongly well-fixed softcover. For safety reasons, the scoreboards should be place on a separate platform, close to the mat(s).To prevent contamination, the mat must be cleaned and disinfected before every wrestling session. When mats that have a smooth, uniform and non-abrasive surface are used (canvas included), the same hygienic measures must also be applied. A circle must be traced in the middle of the mat with an inside diameter of one meter and a surrounding band 10 cm wide.

International Wrestling Rules pdf free download

International Wrestling Rules pdf free download
International Wrestling Rules pdf free download

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