Aversion Therapy pdf free download


Aversion Therapy pdf free download. Aversion Therapy, also known as aversive conditioning, is not in and of itself a discrete form of treatment. Rather, when properly used, it is a technique that forms but a part of a comprehensive behavior therapy.
Very simply, Aversion Therapy is an attempt to establish a durable association between an undesirable behavior and an unpleasant stimulation. Target behaviors may include overt actions as well as private events, such as thoughts or feelings. Implementation of Aversion Therapy may follow either a  classical (Pavlovian) conditioning paradigm — simple association by contiguity — or an operant (Skinnerian, instrumental) conditioning paradigm
wherein the unpleasant stimulation is made a consequence of the undesirable behavior. The conditioning is designed to create a learned connection between the undesirable behavior and the unpleasant stimulation, which is expected to bring about the elimination, or at the very least, a reduction of the target behavior in question. Presently, aversive conditioning is not frequently or widely used, and its application is limited to certain circumstances.

Aversion Therapy pdf free download

Aversion Therapy pdf free download
Aversion Therapy pdf free download

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