End of a Game pdf free download


End of a Game pdf free download. The course of individual psychotherapy, by its very nature, excludes significant others in the patient’s life. The excluded spouse, especially, is
vulnerable to feelings of anxiety and uncertainty. In “End of a Game,” Nancy Huddleston Packer depicts the anguish of a spouse, Charles Andress, who is outside the therapy experience. He agonizes over his wife’s relationship with her therapist and, like a jealous lover, envisions the therapist as a competitor. As can often happen when the outsider consults the therapist, Andress feels demeaned, ignorant, and embarrassed. With his wife he feels inadequate, plagued by the question “Why isn’tmy type of love healing?”

End of a Game pdf free download

End of a Game pdf free download
End of a Game pdf free download

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