The Shepherd’s Week pdf free download


The Shepherd’s Week pdf free download. Hold, witless Lobbin Clout, I thee advise, Lest blisters sore on thy own tongue arise. Lo yonder Cloddipole, the blithesome swain, The wisest lout of all the neighbouring plain! From Cloddipole we learnt to read the skies, To know when hail will fall, or winds arise. He taught us erst the heifer’s tail to view, When stuck aloft, that show’rs would straight ensue; He first that useful secret did explain, That pricking corns foretold the gath’ring rain. When swallows fleet soar high and sport in air, He told us that the welkin would be clear. Let Cloddipole then hear us twain rehearse, And praise his sweetheart in alternate verse. I’ll wager this same oaken staff with thee, That Cloddipole shall give the prize to me. LOBBIN CLOUT See this tobacco-pouch that’s lin’d with hair, Made of the skin of sleekest fallow deer. This pouch, that’s tied with tape of reddest hue, I’ll wager, that the prize shall be my due. CUDDY

The Shepherd’s Week pdf free download

The Shepherd's Week pdf free download
The Shepherd’s Week pdf free download

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