The Rover Boys On A Hunt pdf free download


The Rover Boys On A Hunt pdf free download.

“All ready, boys?”
“Wait a minute, Jack.”
“Can’t wait; life is too short!” cried Jack Rover gayly. He was seated at the front of a long bobsled holding six boys. “Remember, we’ve got to be back at the Hall in half an hour.”
“Please don’t mention it!” pleaded Randy Rover, his cousin.
“Hi, you fellows! are you going to race or not?” came from another youth on a bobsled standing close by.
“You bet we’re going to race!” sang out Fred Rover, who was at the tail end of the first sled. “And we’ll beat you, too, Bill Glutts!”
“You will, like fun!” grumbled the cadet addressed, a rather heavyset and bynomeans prepossessing youth. “Come on now, unless you’re afraid.”
“We’re afraid of nobody!” sang out Andy Rover, and, leaning sideways from where he sat on the bobsled, he scooped up a handful of loose snow and threw it playfully at Glutts.
“Hi, you! what do you mean?” roared Bill Glutts in anger, as the snow landed directly behind his right ear.

The Rover Boys On A Hunt pdf free download

The Rover Boys On A Hunt pdf free download
The Rover Boys On A Hunt pdf free download

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