The New Art of Self Defense pdf free download


The New Art of Self Defense pdf free download. IF, as we have been taught to believe, “Self preservation is the first law of Nature,” then man is guilty of greater violation of this initial statute on the book of rules of our common mother than of almost any other commandment credited to this wise old lady. Nature has been bountiful in the matter of providing means of self preservation; but man has taken little advantage of this generosity, with the result that there are conditions continually arising where self preservation, in the way of self protection, is called for, with man unprepared to meet them. This fact finds its greatest demonstration in the ease with which the criminal classes have been able to ply their preying trade upon the general public, during the past few years particularly, with comparatively little or no resistance from the victims. Why? Because the victims were unprepared to meet these assaults — had not learned the first passage in the law of self preservation — the rule of self protection — and so were practically helpless in the hands of their assailants.

The New Art of Self Defense pdf free download

The New Art of Self Defense pdf free download
The New Art of Self Defense pdf free download

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