THE IDEA OF A MENTAL ILLNESS pdf free download


THE IDEA OF A MENTAL ILLNESS pdf free download. The following pages represent the acts of my own mind as I try to make sense of the psychiatric enterprise. They involve first of all a dialogue, at some points an argument, with myself. They are also addressed to any reader—physician, psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, psychologist, psychotherapist, student—who cares to listen in, or join me in my quest and questioning. Since the thoughts expressed and recorded here belong to this moment in time, to a stage in my own problem-solving, I do not accept any responsibility for defending them as either systematic or complete. I make no pretense at an orderly, direct, concise presentation, because such a presentation would be in fact a false representation. Expect, then, obscure statements, awkward
statements, and obvious statements; trite passages and thick passages; colloquialisms and technical language. Expect meandering from the point, digressions, asides, lines of thought picked up, dropped, and left— not to be picked up again in these pages, perhaps not again for months or 6 years, if ever.

THE IDEA OF A MENTAL ILLNESS pdf free download

THE IDEA OF A MENTAL ILLNESS pdf free download
THE IDEA OF A MENTAL ILLNESS pdf free download

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