The Gold Of Fairnilee pdf free download


The Gold Of Fairnilee pdf free download. YOU may still see the old Scotch house where Randal was born, so long ago.
Nobody lives there now. Most of the roof has fallen in, there is no glass in the
windows, and all the doors are open. They were open in the days of Randal’s
father—nearly four hundred years have passed since then—and everyone who
came was welcome to his share of beef and broth and ale. But now the doors
are not only open, they are quite gone, and there is nobody within to give you
a welcome.
So there is nothing but emptiness in the old house where Randal lived with
Jean, three hundred and sixty years or so before you were born. It is a high old
house, and wide, with the broken slates still on the roof. At the corner there are
little round towers, like pepperboxes, with sharp peaks. The stems of the ivy
that covers the walls are as thick as trees. There are many trees crowding all
round, and there are hills round it too; and far below you hear the Tweed
whispering all day. The house is called Fairnilee, which means “the Fairies’
Field;” for people believed in fairies, as you shall hear, when Randal was a
boy, and even when my father was a boy.

The Gold Of Fairnilee pdf free download
The Gold Of Fairnilee pdf free download

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