THE CANTERBURY PUZZLES pdf free download


THE CANTERBURY PUZZLES pdf free download. A Chance-gathered company of pilgrims, on their way to the shrine of Saint Thomas à Becket at Canterbury, met at the old Tabard Inn, later called the Talbot, in Southwark, and the host proposed that they should beguile the ride by each telling a tale to his fellow-pilgrims. This we all know was the origin of the immortal Canterbury Tales of our great fourteenth-century poet, Geoffrey Chaucer. Unfortunately, the tales were never completed, and perhaps that is why the quaint and curious “Canterbury Puzzles,” devised and propounded by the same body of pilgrims, were not also recorded by the poet’s pen. This is greatly to be regretted, since Chaucer, who, as Leland tells us, was an “ingenious mathematician” and the author of a learned treatise on the astrolabe, was peculiarly fitted for the propounding of problems. In presenting for the first time some of these old-world posers, I will not stop to explain the singular manner in which they came into my possession, but proceed at once, without unnecessary preamble, to give my readers an opportunity of solving them and testing their quality. There are certainly far more difficult puzzles extant, but difficulty and interest are two qualities of puzzledom that do not necessarily go together.

THE CANTERBURY PUZZLES pdf free download

THE CANTERBURY PUZZLES pdf free download
THE CANTERBURY PUZZLES pdf free download

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