Shadows Of Ecstasy By Charles pdf free download


Shadows Of Ecstasy By Charles pdf free download. Roger Ingram’s peroration broke over the silent dining hall: “He and such as
he are one with the great conquerors, the great scientists, the great poets;
they have all of them cried of the unknown: ‘I will encounter darkness as a
bride, And hug it in mine arms’.”
He sat down amid applause, directed not to him but to the subject of his
speech. It was at a dinner given by the Geographical Faculty of the
University of London to a distinguished explorer just back from South
America. The explorer’s health had been proposed by the Dean of the
Faculty, and the Professor of Tropical Geography had been intended to
second it. Unfortunately the Professor had gone down with influenza that
very day, and Roger had been hastily made to take his place. The other
geographical professors, though vocationally more suitable, were both
learned and low-voiced, as also were their public addresses. The Dean had
refused to subject his distinguished guests, including the explorer, to their
instructive whispers. Roger might not be a geographer, but he could make a
better speech, and he belonged to the University if to a different faculty,
being Professor of Applied Literature.

Shadows Of Ecstasy By Charles pdf free download

Shadows Of Ecstasy By Charles pdf free download
Shadows Of Ecstasy By Charles pdf free download

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