RELENTLESS HOPE pdf free download


RELENTLESS HOPE pdf free download. Many a patient, as a child, has suffered great heartache at the hands of a misguided, even if well-intentioned, parent, be it in the form of psychological trauma and abuse (too much bad) or emotional deprivation and neglect (not enough good). Such a patient may never have had occasion to confront the pain of her grief about the parent’s unwitting but devastating betrayal of her. Instead, she has defended herself against the pain of her heartache by pushing it, unprocessed, out of her awareness and clinging instead to the illusion of her parent (or a stand-in for her parent) as good and as ultimately forthcoming if she (the patient) could but get it right.

RELENTLESS HOPE pdf free download

RELENTLESS HOPE pdf free download
RELENTLESS HOPE pdf free download

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