Night Hunts pdf free download


Night Hunts pdf free download. ‘Boring, boring, boring.’ Officer Thaddeus Wilhelm, of the Fairfax Police
Department, drummed his fingers on the armrest and stared out the window
at the passing landscape. ‘Another perfectly calm night. How much more
boring can it get? Better yet, how much of this can I take?’
A rise in violence against police officers had brought about changes in
how some of departments handled road patrols. Fairfax’s answer had been to
start assigning two officers to a cruiser. Thad was still getting use to the idea
of having someone in the car with him all the time.
“Problem?” his partner asked.
“No, Rhea, not really.”
“Thad,” Rhea Yokama laughed, glancing briefly over at him, “you’ve
been drummin’ your fingers for the last five miles. Would you rather drive?”
“No. I drove last night. You know our deal. We trade duties evenly.
Besides, that wouldn’t really help. It’s just so quiet.”
“You were expecting mass riots?”
“No,” he sighed. “Just a little more action. Hell, I’ll settle for a
“Robert 54,” the radio interrupted the conversation.
“54, go ahead.”
“20 at 9445 Fairfax.”

Night Hunts pdf free download

Night Hunts pdf free download
Night Hunts pdf free download

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