Levels of Depression pdf free download


Levels of Depression pdf free download. Discussions of depression inevitably seem to convey concerns about the quantity and the topography of that disorder. Patients and clinicians are alike in their questions and descriptions, which include information about the “depth,” the “extent,” and the “severity” of the disorder. A cross-sectional study, formal or
informal, of a group of depressed persons will quickly yield opinions about which patients are “more” or “less” depressed, and about “how much” those levels of depression are influencing the functioning of those individuals. Depressed persons tend to describe their past, present, and even future experiences in quantitative terms (“I’m less depressed than I was a month ago”), and topographic metaphors abound in their self-descriptions (“I’ve reached the depths,” “I hit bottom,” “I am down in the dumps”).

Levels of Depression pdf free download

Levels of Depression pdf free download
Levels of Depression pdf free download

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