Letter Of The Law pdf free download


Letter Of The Law pdf free download. THE place was dark and damp, and smelled like moldy leaves. Meyerhoff
followed the huge, bear-like Altairian guard down the slippery flagstones
of the corridor, sniffing the dead, musty air with distaste. He drew his
carefully tailored Terran-styled jacket closer about his shoulders, shivering
as his eyes avoided the black, yawning cell-holes they were passing. His
foot slipped on the slimy flags from time to time, and finally he paused to
wipe the caked mud from his trouser leg. “How much farther is it?” he
shouted angrily.
The guard waved a heavy paw vaguely into the blackness ahead. Quite
suddenly the corridor took a sharp bend, and the Altairian stopped,
producing a huge key ring from some obscure fold of his hairy hide. “I still
don’t see any reason for all the fuss,” he grumbled in a wounded tone.
“We’ve treated him like a brother.”
One of the huge steel doors click

Letter Of The Law pdf free download

Letter Of The Law pdf free download
Letter Of The Law pdf free download

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