Jane of Lantern Hill pdf free download


Jane of Lantern Hill pdf free download. Gay street, so Jane always thought, did not live up to its name. It was, she felt
certain, the most melancholy street in Toronto . . . though, to be sure, she had
not seen a great many of the Toronto streets in her circumscribed comings and
goings of eleven years.
Gay Street should be a gay street, thought Jane, with gay, friendly houses, set
amid flowers, that cried out, “How do you do?” to you as you passed them,
with trees that waved hands at you and windows that winked at you in the
twilights. Instead of that, Gay Street was dark and dingy, lined with
forbidding, old-fashioned brick houses, grimy with age, whose tall, shuttered,
blinded windows could never have thought of winking at anybody. The trees
that lined Gay Street were so old and huge and stately that it was difficult to
think of them as trees at all, any more than those forlorn little things in the
green pails by the doors of the filling station on the opposite corner.
Grandmother had been furious when the old Adams house on that corner had
been torn down and the new white-and-red filling station built in its place. She
would never let Frank get petrol there. But at that, Jane thought, it was the
only gay place on the street.

Jane of Lantern Hill pdf free download

Jane of Lantern Hill pdf free download
Jane of Lantern Hill pdf free download

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