Harm Reduction Psychotherapy pdf free download


Harm Reduction Psychotherapy pdf free download . Mainstream abstinence-oriented treatment of alcohol and drug users in the United States today continues to have poor success by anyone’s criteria. Clinical observations and empirical studies typically report that a majority of clients seen initially do not successfully complete treatment or maintain their gains after treatment. These poor outcomes are evident in residential and outpatient programs and across different theoretical approaches.
alcohol treatment programs with another 12% referred to other programs (SAMHSA, 1999). Several treatment outcome studies suggest that only 20-40% of patients who complete treatment achieve long-term success even when abstinence and moderation are both considered as successful outcomes (Keso & Salaspuro, 1990; Nordstom & Berglund, 1987). For example, Helzer and colleagues (Helzer et al., 1985) looked at three-year outcomes of four abstinence-oriented programs of patients who met D.S.M. III criteria for alcohol dependence. They found only 15.1% reported total abstinence and 18.4% reported some form of problem-free drinking.

Harm Reduction Psychotherapy pdf free download

Harm Reduction Psychotherapy pdf free download
Harm Reduction Psychotherapy pdf free download

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