Girls of the Forest pdf free download


Girls of the Forest pdf free download.It was a beautiful summer‟s afternoon, and the girls were seated in a circle on the lawn in front of the house. The house was an old Elizabethan mansion, which had been added to from time to timefresh additions jutting out here and running up there. There were all sorts of unexpected nooks and corners to be found in the old housea flight of stairs just where you did not look for any, and a baize door shutting away the world at the moment when you expected to behold a long vista into space. The house itself was most charming and inviting-looking; but it was also, beyond doubt, much neglected. The doors were nearly destitute of paint, and the papers on many of the walls had completely lost their original patterns. In many instances there were no papers, only discolored walls, which at one time had been gay with paint and rendered beautiful with pictures. The windows were destitute of curtains; the carpets on the floors were reduced to holes and patches. The old pictures in the picture gallery still remained, however, and looked down on the young girls who flitted about there on rainy days with kindly, or searching, or malevolent eyes as suited the characters of those men and women who were portrayed in them.
But this was the heart of summer, and there was no need to go into the musty, fusty old house. The girls sat on the grass and held consultation.
“She is certainly coming to-morrow,” said Verena. “Father had a letter this morning. I heard him giving directions to old John to have the trap patched up and the harness mended. And John is going to Lyndhurst Road to meet her. She will arrive just about this time. Isn‟t it too awful?”

Girls of the Forest pdf free download

Girls of the Forest pdf free download
Girls of the Forest pdf free download

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