Freud and the Visual Arts pdf free download


Freud and the Visual Arts pdf free download. As Louis Fraiberg noted in 1956, “Only twice did Freud essay detailed analyses of painting and sculpture: most of his application to art was in the field of literature” (p. 88). Fraiberg gives two explanations for this fact: (1) “Literature . . . since its medium, like that of psycho-analysis, is language, lends itself readily to scientific investigation without the necessity of constructing a new symbolic foundation” (p. 82), and (2) “And in literature, the presentation of the themes which interested him was on the whole moreexplicit and lent itself more readily to study, being closer to the kind of material which he obtained from his patients” (p. 88). More particularly,Richard Sterba (1940) observes that “Freud uses poetry as a paradigmatic basis for his investigations in the field of the psychology of art because, of allthe material employed to form the work of art, poetry stands nearest to the dream and the fantasy, those all-important objects of psychological research.

Freud and the Visual Arts pdf free download

Freud and the Visual Arts pdf free download
Freud and the Visual Arts pdf free download

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