Empathy pdf free download


Empathy pdf free download. In a preliminary and experimental approach I (1965) likened
empathy to what Nacht (1962) called “a certain deep inner attitude” in the therapist. When we take the position of another person, our imagination moves from ourselves into the other person. We may experience certain changes in our own muscles and actual physical
posture. To empathize does not mean that the individual must experience physical sensations; empathy can be physical, imaginative, or both. Fenichel (1945), quotes Reik, who maintained that empathy consists of two acts, “a) an identification with the other person, and b) an awareness of one’s own feelings after the identification, and in this
way an awareness of the object’s feelings” (p. 511).

Empathy pdf free download

Empathy pdf free download
Empathy pdf free download

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