Dwell Deep pdf free download


Dwell Deep pdf free download. ‘Meet is it changes should control
Our being, lest we rust in ease.’—Tennyson.
A golden cornfield in the still sunshine of a warm August afternoon. In one
corner of it, bordering a green lane, a group of shady elms, and under their
shadow a figure of a young girl, who, gazing dreamily before her, sat leaning
her head against an old gnarled trunk in quiet content. A small-shaped
head, with dark curly hair, and a pair of blue-grey eyes with black curved
lashes, these were perhaps her chief characteristics; more I cannot say, for
it is difficult to describe oneself, and it was I, Hilda Thorn, who was seated
It was a beautiful scene before me. Beyond the corn stretched a green valley,
and far in the distance were blue misty hills and moorland. My soul seemed
rested by the sweet stillness around, but from the beauties of nature my
eyes kept reverting to the Bible on my knee, and two words on the open page
were occupying my thoughts—’Dwell deep.’

Dwell Deep pdf free download

Dwell Deep pdf free download
Dwell Deep pdf free download

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