Depression pdf free download


Depression pdf free download. During latency, the presence of a sustained depressed affect and mood is not a mandatory feature for making the diagnosis of clinical depression. A depressive affect is often present in these conditions and, when present, is a bellwether in making the diagnosis. It is possible, however, to recognize depression in a child whose clinical condition is limited to the following diagnostic criteria: frequent crying for no apparent reason, lassitude, declining attention to school work, complaints about other children, loss of appetite, constipation or other gastrointestinal complaints, loss or shrinkage of the future autobiography, hypochondria, itching all over, difficulty in separating from parents, nightmares, frequent awakening, suicidal gestures, and accident proneness. Even in the absence of a depressive affect these are signs and symptoms of depression in childhood. These clinical findings should alert a clinician to the possible presence of depression.

Depression pdf free download

Depression pdf free download
Depression pdf free download

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