Deadly Undertaking pdf free download


Deadly Undertaking pdf free download Flint Stryker hated funerals. Hated them. Everything was so damn final about them. One minute you were going about your business dealing with weird threats to your country’s security and whacked-out nut jobs trying to kill you, and the next minute you were well, dead. At least he wasn’t dead, so there’s that. But his fellow agent and friend, Hector Romero, was. Dead, cold, waxy-looking, and scheduled to be buried today at noon. Flint splashed cold water on his face from the funeral home’s restroom sink. Up too late drinking again last night. My mouth feels like a Brillo pad. Tastes like it too.

Deadly Undertaking pdf free download

Deadly Undertaking pdf free download
Deadly Undertaking pdf free download

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