Car trips pdf free download


Car trips pdf free download. Especially for young children, relatively lengthy car trips are often not fun. Additionally, being required to be in a child-safety seat (or seat belt) adds additional burden to the aversive nature of car trips. If your child has extreme difficulty staying in his/her seat belt during car trips of varying lengths of time, it might be necessary to gradually develop his/her tolerance gradually. I would suggest having a one to two week training program to teach your child how to ride in the car in his or her car seat. Start with short trips. For example, conduct a car trip around the block. Short and sweet, right? But have several of these trips a day even though there is no purpose to the trip, other than a practice session. By conducting practice sessions, your child has the frequent
opportunity to begin to tolerate the situations inherent in car trips, albeit for a short
duration. Going back to a preferred play activity following a successful practice session is
a good idea.

Car trips pdf free download

Car trips pdf free download
Car trips pdf free download

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