Behavior Therapy For Children pdf free download


Behavior Therapy For Children pdf free download.In the past decade psychotherapists have been turning in increasing numbers to behavioral techniques in the treatment of children. Almost twenty years ago, in 1954, a review of the child therapies (Bijou, 1954) showed that practically all the techniques then in use could be subsumed under these major categories: child psychoanalysis, the briefer psychoanalytic therapies, and client-centered play therapy. In 1966, a similar review (Bijou, 1966) showed the same three categories together with two approaches to behavior therapy. Now there are four approaches to behavior therapy, with a literature of well over a thousand titles. The rapid acceptance of child-behavior therapy may be attributable to many conditions, some rather obscure, others patently obvious. Among the latter, four stand out. There is, first, the changing paradigms of scientific thought (Kuhn, 1962). Psychology viewed as the branch of philosophy concerned with the understanding of the mind has been gradually rejected in
favor of a more scientific approach. The current focus of psychology is the control and prediction of behavior rather than the further explanation of mental processes and states. Perhaps more than any other approach to the treatment of psychological disorders, behavior therapy resonates with psychology as a natural science. Thus, behavior therapy appears to bridge the gap between the main stream of academic psychology and clinical practice. American Handbook of Psychiatry Vol 5 5 A second factor contributing to the current popularity of behavior therapy is its effectiveness in individual cases. Behavior therapy has been successfully employed across a variety of kinds of behavior, disorders, ages, populations, and settings.

Behavior Therapy For Children pdf free download

Behavior Therapy For Children pdf free download
Behavior Therapy For Children pdf free download

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