Babble-Scribble Stage/Sequence pdf free download


Babble-Scribble Stage/Sequence pdf free download. The twins delight in being given crayons and paper. If they sit close to each other, they will draw on each other’s paper. At first they will not be able to stay within the edges of the paper, and they will make
marks on any available surface. Someone must watch to make sure that they do not put the crayons in their mouths. By the time the twins are 2, they should enjoy making lines in all directions, interspersing them with dots. The children recognize colors and eventually learn to say the names of these colors, with the help of Mommy and Daddy. With prodding they will name their scribbles, although they probably did not have a particular object in mind when they started to draw.
The following are examples of scribble drawings from the twins’ real-life counterparts.

Babble-Scribble Stage/Sequence pdf free download

Babble-Scribble Stage/Sequence pdf free download
Babble-Scribble Stage/Sequence pdf free download

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