Antianxiety Drugs pdf free download


Antianxiety Drugs pdf free download. Man has been looking for ways to escape or reduce anxiety for centuries. Alcohol was probably the first drug to be used for this purpose. In
common with many modern antianxiety drugs, it not only decreases anxiety at some initial dosages but also acts as a disinhibiting agent, allowing its imbibers to behave in ways which they sometimes regret the next morning. Alcohol raises the convulsive threshold initially. On prolonged chronic administration it produces both psychological and physical dependence. Its abrupt withdrawal can precipitate convulsions (rum fits) and delirium (DTs). Moderate single doses can produce muscle relaxation. Large single doses produce sleep, and very large doses (e.g., a quart of whisky) can produce death through depression of the brain’s respiratory center (Ritchie, 1970).

Antianxiety Drugs pdf free download

Antianxiety Drugs pdf free download
Antianxiety Drugs pdf free download

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