A Woman’s Place pdf free download


A Woman’s Place pdf free download. It was the speaking of Miss Kitty’s name which half  roused her from sleep. She eased her angular body into a more comfortable position in the sack. Still more asleep than awake, her mind reflected tartly that in this lifeboat,
hurtling away from their wrecked spaceship back to Earth, the sleeping accommodation was quite appropriately named. On another mental level, she tried to hear more of what was being said about her. Naturally, hearing one’s name spoken, one would. “We’re going to have to tell Miss Kitty as soon as she wakes up.” It was Sam Eade talking to Lt. Harper—the two men who had escaped with her. “Yes, Sam,” the lieutenant answered. “What we’ve suspected all along is pretty definite now.”

A Woman’s Place pdf free download

A Woman's Place pdf free download
A Woman’s Place pdf free download

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