A Perilous Calling pdf free download


A Perilous Calling pdf free download. One of the most dramatic shifts in psychotherapeutic practice in the last decade is the increased recognition of the importance of the therapist’s contribution to the therapeutic process. When formal psychotherapy was first discovered about a century ago, its founder, Sigmund Freud, advised therapists to model themselves after the surgeon “who puts aside all of his feelings, even his human sympathy, and concentrates his mental forces on the single aim of performing the operation as skillfully as possible.” Freud never abandoned the paradigm of the abstinent, anonymous surgeon, and in contrast to his comprehensive and meticulous discussions of transference, he wrote very little on the subject of countertransference.

A Perilous Calling pdf free download

A Perilous Calling pdf free download
A Perilous Calling pdf free download

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