A TWIST OF FATE pdf free download


A TWIST OF FATE pdf free download. There are two things I do before I leave the house that night. Two snippets of time to be preserved in the amber of memory, polished until they gleam sunbright. After August falls asleep, I slide from our bed and pull on
the riding dress I secreted away before we retired. He groans, and I go still, my heart hammering. At a thump behind me, I turn, barely daring to breathe. He’s on his back now, eyes closed, sound asleep. I exhale. As I do, clouds shift beyond the window, and
moonlight hits him. That sliver of light plays across his bare chest and face, and three years seem to disappear, and instead, it is our wedding night and I’m looking at my new
husband, my breath catching as the moon glides over him. I will never be this happy.
That is what I thought. I’d been almost shamed by my joy, as if I did not deserve it. I’d been afraid for it, too, wanting to swaddle it in wool, lest it shatter.

A TWIST OF FATE pdf free download

A TWIST OF FATE pdf free download
A TWIST OF FATE pdf free download

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