How to download book?

How to download book?

Dear visitors Booksfree has most simple structure and only download button to download book we do not redirect users to other pages or any paid downloading websites we provide direct access to book without wasting time of students and teachers.

Before we start on How to download book?

I would like to tell you that we provide books in two formats only “zip and pdf” In some case user get the book downloaded but can’t find the book and start commenting that button is not working ☹ we encourage your comments because we are human we make mistakes and sometime there are some technical error as well but we will be grateful if you could fist check your zip files or download files before commenting.

All the books uploaded in zip file are tested if you cannot extract book due to any error please update your WiNRaR or Extracting software sometime users get error due to their outdated WiNRaR even though it may be extracting other files but supporting downloaded files, so we suggest updating WiNRaR If you have still any error kindly report the error using comment section.

Here we start on How to download book?

How to download book booksfree

With few most famous books you may find the tow download buttons don’t worry these both are for download if one is not working try other both buttons are working as we tested on different browsers.

To download book, click Green download and book will start downloading please do not forget to press like (Thumb up) button highlighted in the blow image.

If download link does not work for you try Gray download button (Available for few books only). If it’s still not working, please leave a comment by mentioning your device you are using while downloading the book.

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